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Terabit offers unique, hybrid custom-published reports available with accelerated delivery.  All products are updated on demand with Terabit's most recent data, analysis, and forecasts, thereby maximizing value for report clientele.  Reports are available with single-user, site-wide, and organization-wide licensing.  Contact a Terabit Consulting sales representative to learn more.

The Undersea Cable Report 2023

A 1,600-page analysis of the global submarine cable market, including intelligence and forecasts not available from any other sources.

680+ detailed undersea cable profiles

Ownership, system supply, financing, and project costs

System upgrades

Region-by-region and route-by-route summary data

Accurate, quality-controlled data

Valuable intelligence

Informed, expert insight

Global perspective

Markets covered:

  • Transatlantic
  • Transpacific
  • North America-South America
  • Asia-Europe
  • Pan-East Asian
  • Australia-North America
  • African Intercontinental
  • Asian Regional
  • European Regional
  • Caribbean
  • Middle East Regional
  • Latin American Regional
  • Australian Regional
  • Pacific Islands
  • Arctic
  • Unserved (greenfield) routes

International Telecommunications Infrastructure Analysis 2023

Detailed country analyses of virtually every country and territory in the world (more than 250), covering:

Submarine cables

Terrestrial fiber optic networks

Satellite earth stations

Microwave networks

Other international infrastructure

Analysis of telecommunications and Internet markets, operators, service providers, and investors

Factors influencing the telecommunications markets including macroeconomic outlook, geopolitical concerns, demographics, and stability

Markets covered (click to expand):

Australia & New Zealand
Central America
CIS & Central Asia
East Asia
Middle East
North Africa
North America
Pacific Islands
South America
South Asia
Southeast Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa

Country Telecom Reports 2023

Terabit's telecommunications market reports offer unprecedented insight into each telecommunications market, including:


Authoritative statistics covering the fixed, mobile, and broadband sectors aggregated from Terabit's field research and collaboration with public and private industry stakeholders, each subject to "reality checks" and quality assurance

Detailed qualitative analysis of fixed, mobile, and broadband sectors including market positioning, growth opportunities, and threats

Technological analysis examining fixed, mobile, and broadband connectivity including fiber-to-the-building, DSL, cable modem, broadband wireless, broadband satellite, 3G, 4G, and 5G

Regulatory analysis featuring benchmarking, strengths, weaknesses, and outlook

Domestic infrastructure analysis and mapping including fixed and mobile infrastructure

International infrastructure analysis and mapping including submarine cables, terrestrial fiber, microwave, and satellite

Market outlook

Markets covered (click to expand):

Available Reports