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A selection of Terabit Consulting's presentations, reports, and white papers analyzing the international telecommunications infrastructure and broadband industries.

Terabit Consulting's Broadband and Fiber Optic Market Analysis

28 November 2017

Nigerian Fiber & Broadband RTM

Washington, DC

An overview of Terabit Consulting's role in project development, including traffic & market studies, the Terabit Model of International Bandwidth Demand, and key clientele.  Also: insights into market drivers, potential obstacles, and strategies for success.

Pan-Asian Connectivity: Leveraging Linear Infrastructure for Improved International Bandwidth


1 November 2017

1st Session of the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway Steering Committee

Dhaka, Bangladesh


An examination of the weak international telecommunications infrastructure in many Asian markets and the developmental impact of low international bandwidth, the drivers of bandwidth demand, and strategies to ensure successful network development including the leveraging of linear infrastructure for fiber deployment.

Determining Market Demand in the International Bandwidth Industry

25 September 2017

Submarine Networks World 2017


A discussion of the role played by submarine cable feasibility studies, particularly the market and traffic study and due diligence tools for submarine cable projects.  Analysis of intercontinental bandwidth demand, mobile data and fixed broadband traffic requirements, content providers' bandwidth demand, and a historical overview of the submarine cable market. 

Connectivity in Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan: Leveraging International Bandwidth


23 May 2017

Central Asian Connectivity Briefing

Washington, DC


A brief discussion of how weak international telecommunications infrastructure constrains development in Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan and how improved regional fiber connectivity through Digital CASA could promote market success.

Transoceanic Submarine Cable Forecasts: Translating Bandwidth Demand into Submarine Cable Investment


25 April 2017

Submarine Cable Market Briefing

Paris, France


A brief overview of the methodology and key factors behind Terabit Consulting's forecast of transoceanic bandwidth demand and transoceanic submarine cable deployment.

Strategic Analysis of the International Fiber Optic Cables in the GCC (Gulf) Region

April 2017

Middle East Connectivity Meeting

GCC Market

Analysis of the international submarine cable and terrestrial fiber optic cable infrastructure in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, comprising Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.  Benchmarking of markets with respect to cables, diversity of cable ownership and landing parties, domestic & foreign ownership, international Internet bandwidth volumes, bandwidth pricing, and case studies and strategies for improving countries' competitiveness as regional connectivity hubs.

Economic Perspectives on the Global Submarine Cable Market


19 October 2016

Submarine Networks World



Answers to the following questions: is there a correlation between a country's economic growth and its international bandwidth demand?  How sensitive is submarine cable investment to economic conditions?  Can growth in certain economies be a function of submarine cable investment?  What is the outlook for submarine cable investment?

The Global Market for Submarine Cables: Insights into Economic Development

16 October 2016

Asia-Pacific Submarine Networks Forum


An examination of submarine cables as an economic enabler and their role in promoting international connectivity and development.  Analysis of international bandwidth demand and submarine cable development, the bandwidth divide, and the development-oriented model of international fiber optic cable investment in Asia-Pacific and elsewhere.

The Global Submarine Cable Market and Its Impact on Indonesia's Connectivity Needs

25 August 2016

3rd Indonesia ICT Carnival

Jakarta, Indonesia

An exploration of the role of emerging and less-developed markets in the growth of the submarine cable market, submarine cable investment and international bandwidth demand, the realignment of regional submarine investment toward emerging and less-developed markets, the bandwidth divide in the ASEAN region, forecasts of Indonesian international bandwidth demand, and a review of the Indonesian submarine cable market.

Lighting the Way to Bandwidth Equality: The Role of Submarine Connectivity in Bridging the Bandwidth Divide


21 April 2016


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


A presentation exploring less developed markets as a driver of submarine growth, the impact of global bandwidth inequality, and policy solutions for addressing the bandwidth divide.  An analysis of successful multilateral submarine cable investment within the context of the submarine cable industry's historical aversion to serving less-developed markets.

Improving Regional Connectivity with the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway


01 April 2016

Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway Private Consultation

Bangkok, Thailand


A presentation of Terabit Consulting's findings in analyzing the opportunity for the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway, which would leverage linear infrastructure such as highways, railways, and energy transmission networks, for the construction of a transcontinental fiber optic network.

Improved Regional Fiber Connectivity via Digital CASA: The Opportunity for Central and South Asia

18 February 2016

Digital CASA Workshop

Almaty, Kazakhstan

An evaluation of the bandwidth divide and international bandwidth in Central and South Asia including wholesale bandwidth prices, consumer Internet prices, and the effect of insufficient international fiber optic bandwidth infrastructure.  Consideration of the economic and governmental benefits of improved infrastructure and a strategy for regional improvement as well as downstream policy initiatives including regulatory frameworks, local loop unbundling, non-discrimination, and open access.

Improved Regional Fiber Optic Connectivity: The Opportunity for Kyrgyz Republic (Russian / русский)


03 December 2015

Digital Connectivity Workshop

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


Развитие региональных оптоволоконных сетей: Возможность для Кыргызстана.

Improving Regional Connectivity with the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway

01 September 2015

First Working Group of the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway

Incheon, Seoul

Bandwidth market analysis, international fiber optic infrastructure evaluation, and the benefits of a coherent, purpose-built fiber optic network infrastructure for Asia's development.  The Europe-to-Asia bandwidth market opportunity, priority trans-border projects, and the need for intervention as well as multilateral stakeholder participation for successful fiber optic network implementation.

Broadband Infrastructure in the ASEAN Region: Markets, Infrastructure, Missing Links, and Policy Options for Enhancing Cross-Border Connectivity

02 June 2015

Digital Connectivity Workshop

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The state of international bandwidth infrastructure and broadband markets in the ASEAN-9 region (Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) and the case for UN ESCAP's Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway.

Lighting the Way to Bandwidth Equality: The Role of Submarine Connectivity in Bridging the Bandwidth Divide


21 April 2016


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


The paper accompanying Terabit Consulting's 2016 SubOptic presentation, discussing how less-developed markets are the key to continued growth in the submarine communications industry and analyzing new submarine cable business models as well as the drive to provide submarine cable connectivity to unconnected countries and territories.  The paper also examines the correlation between countries' wealth and their international bandwidth, revealing extremely regressive market dynamics, and proposes policy solutions for the improvement of international bandwidth.

An In-Depth Study on the Broadband Infrastructure in Afghanistan and Mongolia


April 2015

40-page report in PDF format


An examination of telecommunications markets, regulation and government intervention, fixed-line telephony markets, mobile telephony markets, Internet and broadband markets, domestic network connectivity, international Internet bandwidth and capacity pricing, and international network connectivity in Afghanistan and Mongolia, as well as identification of high-priority and medium-priority trans-border fiber projects to improve connectivity, and the leveraging of linear infrastructure for their construction.



Submarine Telecoms Industry Report


September 2014

100-page report in PDF format


An Industry Report providing an overview of global submarine cable telecommunications markets as well as trends and outlook, including regional capacity and bandwidth markets, geopolitical and economic analysis, and supply markets.  The report contains analysis of the following submarine cable markets: transatlantic, transpacific, North America-South America, Australia & New Zealand, sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia/Middle East and Europe-Asia, pan-East Asian, and the Polar Route.  The analysis was authored by Terabit Consulting and published by Submarine Telecoms Forum magazine.

An In-Depth Study on the Broadband Infrastructure in South and West Asia

November 2014

132-page report in PDF format

An examination of telecommunications markets, regulation and government intervention, fixed telephony markets, mobile telephony markets, Internet and broadband markets, domestic network connectivity, international Internet bandwidth and capacity pricing, and international network connectivity in nine markets: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Iran, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Turkey.  The study also included a gap analysis of trans-border links in the region and policy, commercial, and technical options for improving international fiber optic connectivity.

The Submarine Communications Industry as an Enabler of Economic Growth, and the Way Forward

April 2013


Paris, France

A retrospective of the submarine fiber optic cable industry's first quarter-century and the lessons learned from the redefined submarine cable market.  An evaluation of planned, proposed, and under-construction submarine cable projects and the system supply landscape, including market shares.  Analysis of system ownership and market opportunities and challenges.

The Submarine Cable Industry at a Crossroads: A Macroeconomic Evaluation of the Industry's Future


May 2010


Yokohama, Japan


The state of the industry, after $50 billion and 1.1 million kilometers of submarine fiber optic deployment, accompanied by an examination of the economic geography of submarine cables, control of submarine cable infrastructure, bandwidth demand forecasting methodologies, and a case study of deployment in a market previously unserved by submarine cables, the Seychelles.



Undersea Cable Markets and the Developing World

May, 2007


Baltimore, USA

In its 2007 SubOptic paper, Terabit Consulting remarked that "As of 2007, 32 of the world’s 53 poorest nations had no access to international fiber optic connectivity, representing an unserved population of 461 million.  However, it appears that wiring these nations to the global grid has now become economically viable and, more importantly, crucial to overall global economic development and stability."