Terabit Consulting is a leading source of market intelligence, forecasting, and analysis for the international telecommunications community. Its long history of accurate, innovative analysis, forecasts, and guidance is in large part attributable to the trust and respect it has earned among industry leaders. Terabit Consulting has completed studies for dozens of leading projects worldwide and its analysts have traveled to research and deliver studies in more than 70 countries, giving it an unmatched level of experience.

The insight of Terabit Consulting analysts has appeared in the New York Times, Forbes, broadcast media including CNN, and all major industry publications.

Terabit’s primary clients include financial institutions, development agencies, government ministries, telecom carriers, project developers, suppliers, financiers, law offices, and industry associations, as well as other members of the international telecommunications infrastructure community.

Terabit Consulting’s access to international bandwidth infrastructure market intelligence is unique.  In addiiton to its unrivalled first-hand experience working on leading projects worlwide, Terabit is the only market analysis firm to have regularly presented at all major industry gatherings over the last decade.  This experience gives Terabit an extensive list of close industry contacts.  While other market analysts rely primarily on secondary data, company press releases, and published databases as the foundation of their research, Terabit Consulting bases its research on invaluable primary information sourced directly from the most respected members of the industry at nearly every level: operators, wholesalers, system and component suppliers, ship operators, financiers, and regulators. In addition, Terabit's robust verification framework helps to protect against misleading source data and "red herrings" which can sometimes be promoted as fact by others, and the economic and political expertise of its analysts allows it to provide reliable forecasts within the context of dyanamic macroeconomic and political environments as well as other issues such as geography, language, and culture.

  • VALUABLE INTELLIGENCE not available from other sources
  • INSIGHTFUL ANALYSIS drawn from Terabit's unmatched expertise and understanding of the industry
  • INNOVATIVE MODELING constantly refined in partnership with industry sources
  • RELIABLE FORECASTS that have proven accurate through a wide range of microeconomic and macroeconomic conditions
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE to protect against misleading source data and "red herrings"
  • CONTEXTUAL ANALYSIS accounting for macroeconomic, political, geographic, linguistic, cultural, and other issues
  • RESPECTED EXPERTISE trusted by leading decision-makers worldwide


Terabit Consulting offers fresh, tailor-made solutions for every client using primary market intelligence unavailable from any other source, combined with advanced modeling and unrivalled expertise. We offer precise, cost-effective solutions because we're industry specialists and we've worked on-site in all regions of the globe, with particular expertise in developing markets. Click here to see some of our specific experience.

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Since its founding Terabit Consulting has been extremely active in the industry, giving it the longest history of speaking, moderating, and chairperson engagements of any consultancy in the sector. From the dot-com bubble through the resurgence of the industry, Terabit Consulting has been at the forefront of the industry's top-level discussions. Click here to view a list of Terabit's speaking engagements.

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MARKET insight

Terabit Consulting offers a wide variety of its public presentations and reports for download. Experience Terabit Consulting's market insight firsthand through a selection of market overviews, regional summaries, trend analyses, forecasts, and outlooks.


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